Formerly Known As Better Ways Of Working

Some of you may be wondering who this new blog is and how it showed up in your followed blogs, some of you may not have even noticed, but I’ll explain myself anyway.

This blog was called Better Ways Of Working just ten minutes ago!

After some careful consideration, I realised that a lot of my posts aren’t really to do with productivity and working, but actually more to do with coping with life and work in this modern age.

What I really cover here are ways in which I have managed to maintain my sanity, with different levels of success of course!

So that is how Better Ways of Working came to be known as How Not To Go Bananas and I hope that blog rebrands don’t drive YOU bananas!


Blink And You’ll Miss It

My reading list is rather long and my bookshelf is full of books that I would like to add to that reading list anyway. Then there are all the books that I don’t have yet that I also want to read. Then there are the books that will be recommended from the books I’ve read or from other people. As much fun as reading is, something needs to be done if I’m ever going to catch up! Continue reading

How (And Why!) To Connect Excel To Google Sheets

The other day I mentioned about trying to find a solution to connect Google Analytics with Microsoft Excel. As a solution, Supermetrics seems to be more up to date with the current versions of Windows and Office, as the BlockSpring installation couldn’t detect my Excel installation even after instructing me to close my open instance of Excel. This left me somewhat disheartened as I have also purchased the course from Coding is for Losers on how to utilise Supermetrics and Blockspring, which focuses on using them in Google Sheets but most of the same steps applied from what I could see in the Excel version of Supermetrics.

Continue reading

The Modern Man And Nice Guys

Yesterday I read through this thread on Reddit about some of the worst “nice guy” experiences women had had. Amongst the less disturbing but still cringe-worthy examples, I found descriptions of behaviours that I had been guilty of in my younger days! My mistakes came from inexperience, poor advice and general ignorance. Continue reading